Thinking of Selling Your Business?


According to a newsletter called “The Privately Held Company” if you are thinking of selling your business now or in the not- too- distant future, here are 10 things to do that will definitely help-and, if you decide not to sell, they are items you should do anyway. 

  1. Develop an Operations Manual and an Organizational Chart.
  2. Remove personal assets and expenses from the business.
  3. Resolve any pending litigation or regulatory issues.
  4. Finalize any copyrights, patents or trademark issues.
  5. Sell off any non-producing assets or equipment.
  6. Make sure financial records are clear, concise and current.
  7. Get Employment Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements with key employees.
  8. Build a detailed customer/client list and obtain contracts with them if possible.
  9. Formalize agreements with suppliers and vendors if possible.
  10. Make sure your website is current and really impressive. 

The key to a successful sale is to begin planning to sell your business long before you want or need to sell your business.

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